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Efforts for Optimal Deployment of 5G Infrastructure

Our R&D team composed of graduates from the National Institute of Defense Science / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has been researching and developing high-performance mobile communication antennas for decades, while being committed to building 5G infrastructure at home and abroad.

Antenna Technology Well Recognized Overseas

Antenna products of the “Gamma Nu” brand have been recognized for their excellent quality and are being supplied to three domestic mobile telecommunication operators as well as global carriers.

  • South Korea SKT, KT, LGU: Base Station & In-Building Antenna Vendor(1998–present)
    SAMSUNG SDS: Antenna development and supply (2013-present)
  • United States AT&T: Small cell antenna supply (2016-present)
    Verizon: Stadium antenna supply (2016-present)
  • Japan Soft Bank: Omni antenna supply (2022-present)
    KDDI: Omni antenna supply(2021-present)
  • Poland Play: Tri-sector antenna supply (2019-present)
  • Canada Bell Canada: Tri-sector and base station panel antenna supply (2020-present)
  • Canada Orange : Tri-sector and base station panel antenna supply (2020-present)
    DIGI: Tri-sector antenna supply (2020-present)
  • Canada Cosmote : Tri-sector antenna supply (2020-present)
  • Cyprus Primetel : Tri-sector antenna supply (2021-present)

Global Facility Construction & Development Status

Far Field Antenna Radiation Measurement Facility
  • - Size : 26(L) x 12(M) x 12(H)m
  • - TEST Freq. : 400MHz ~ 40GHz TEST Area : 30m x 30m
  • - Max Antenna Weight : 100Kg

The PIM measurement system exclusively developed by Gamma Nu control up to 6 units of PIM measurement equipment (3U) for each band with its own IP at the same time.

  • - Convert values by band into data and save as Excel file - Screen saving / notification for warning
  • - UI optimized for touch screen - Select to use Fixed / Sweep measurement mode
PIM Analyzer

Holds more than 50 patents at home and abroad

The 50+ technology patents proving our relentless pursuit of innovation.

"Robots + AI, Technology for Humanity"

Pursuing the value of innovation that serves for technology for a better future, we aim for artificial intelligence for convenient daily life and robot technology that reflects the needs of customers.

Excellent Scalability for Development Through Constant R&D

Through years of mobile robot platform technology development, scalability and technologyhave been secured to develop into various applications The modular design of the hardware and software of the drive unit, sensor unit, and power unit enables various types of customization.

ROS-Based Autonomous Driving Technology

By applying TETRA's mapping and navigation technologies, it can develop various applications such as autonomous driving solutions for electric wheelchairs.

Easy System Integration with Various Devices

Through source code open for mapping, navigation, and sensor interface, technical exchange with robot engineers using TETRA and software expansion are possible.

System Architecture

Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Provides robot DB collection, monitoring, control, and traffic control

What is TEMI?

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Calls
  • Autonomous Driving

TEMI is the world's first truly intelligent service robot that can seamlessly implement self-driving, clear video calls, and intelligent AI services while interacting with humans.

Free your hands!

Intelligent Service Robot TEMI

  • Retail
  • Enterprise
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Security
  • Home

Temi is very useful for various places and situations


It is a robot part that combines control, communication, and gears for driving DC motor into one module to drive the motor smoothly, being mainly used in various products such as humanoid and educational robots, 3D printers, etc.

HerkuleX, Go to Hovis Website

Inbound Platform Inbound Platform business induces consumption by tourists, thereby receiving a certain percentage of marketing commission based on the purchase volume of inbound travelers according to the contract to provide consumers with large domestic duty-free shops. Based on business experience and information on products and commissions accumulated through various networks, promotion details of duty-free shops, incentives by purchase performance, demand forecast for duty-free products, etc., it contributes to the development of the duty-free business by providing a safe transaction system and environment necessary to attract purchasing customers and enhance customer competitiveness by securing competitive commissions from duty-free shops to attract sub-tier travel agencies that attract customers while supporting for funds (advance payment) for smooth payback fee payment, maintenance of a credit environment that can guarantee safe fee receipt, and sharing of a reliable settlement system, etc.

The distribution of duty-free products refers to a business that directly launches and sells overseas luxury goods and domestic products at overseas duty-free shops or exports them to similar duty-free business sites online or offline, based on various know-how such as product information, consumer preferences and trends, purchase and distribution channels, and marketing strategies accumulated through the Inbound Platform business.

In order to become a world-class comprehensive travel agency, it is necessary to expand the business area beyond the Inbound Platform business through the combined management of Inbound and Outbound. Furthermore, it is also necessary to secure competitiveness through the establishment of a solid business infrastructure to ensure the successful entry and continuous development of new Inbound and Outbound businesses. As a result, the expansion of common and core business infrastructure for inbound and outbound businesses is required: first, secure stable flight seats and comfortable accommodations, second, organic cooperative relationships with domestic and overseas In-Outbound partners who can share win-win growth based on mutual trust.